Inside New Zealand’s Managed Isolation Facility -Two Weeks Experience in a Hotel Room + Mini Tour

During the global pandemic, people arriving in New Zealand are required to spend two weeks in a hotel room for “Managed Isolation”. Guests who will test positive for Covid 19 may be then transferred to a quarantine facility.
🄽🄾🅃🄴: Please always refer to​ regarding updates or any changes about Managed Isolation and Quarantine Facilities in New Zealand.

~While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow around the world, in Aotearoa New Zealand we went hard and early to limit the impacts of COVID-19 in our communities. This included a strict nationwide lockdown and working through our 4-level COVID-19 Alert system.

New Zealand currently has very few COVID-19 cases and we’re trying to keep it that way. To help us continue keeping the country safe, we have implemented a system of Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ). Having recently arrived from overseas means you are at risk of carrying the virus and potentially bringing it into New Zealand. This means you will need to stay in a managed isolation facility for at least 14 days. If there is a reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 you will be placed in a quarantine facility for at least 10 days after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms or since the date of your test (if you never developed symptoms). You must be clear of COVID-19 symptoms for a minimum of 72 hours before you can leave.

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